Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation

Quality & Integrity

HYAC Tech plans to expand their existing business to Canada by providing their patented Internet of Things (IoT) smart water valve control measurement devices to the Canadian market. The smart meter will be coupled with HYAC Tech’s cloud based smart water platform to improve water management through real-time monitoring.

HYAC Tech strives to provide building owners and managers, better services, accurate billing, and promote and drive water conservation.

Simplify the Process

Tenant billing for utility usage is complicated. Property managers receive lump sum usage bills that they need to allocate. Many use a blended rate to calculate the individual’s tenants charge, but this method assumes all tenants behave the same. In reality, a restaurant in a mixed-use building will be billed by space and not usage, no one know how much water they are really using. This does not encourage tenants to decrease their water usage.

HYAC Tech’s smart water valve control measurement devices with behavioural learning software will help property owners and managers protect, control, and conserve water.

IoT Water Meter


  • Transmission channel on a mobile IoT private network
  • Patented encryption algorithm
  • Stable and reliable communication
  • High anti-interference, high reliability, high sensitivity and long transmission distance
  • Smart water meter data is directly uploaded to the cloud-based platform


  • Scheduled wake-up and periodic reporting
  • Automatically enters a low-power state after communication is complete
  • Fully sealed design, waterproof grade
  • Battery undervoltage alarm, abnormal measurement alarm, attack alarm
  • Easy to install and maintain

Smart Water Cloud Platform

Building an intelligent water system based on the IoT is an important way to effectively improve management and service capabilities. Through our real-time monitoring capabilities, a building owner or manager can assess the running status of the water supply system from the information that is organically uploaded to the platform.

“Bright and happy future is only possible when we pledge to conserve natural resources in every way possible.”
– Sara Jackson

Leping Li, Chief Executive Officer at HYAC Tech

Leping Li, Chief Executive Officer

Leping Li is a minority shareholder and the General Manager of Hebei Yundanuo Automatic Control Technology in China. She is responsible for expanding their business and introducing the Canadian market to HYAC Tech’s smart water meters and cloud based smart water platform.

In China, Ms. Li drives the technological research for HYAC Tech’s patented smart devices and cloud-based platform. Understanding the importance of pushing the boundaries of innovation and change, she will continue to develop HYAC Tech’s cloud-based platform in Canada.